Dear friends,

We are pleased to introduce a new specialized Internet resource to those who cares about past, present and future of Ukraine. The portal is our attempt - through the prism of Taras Shevchenko's prophetic word and his life - to show a higher Academy of Ukrainian people which concentrates everything: language, history, tradition, ethics and esthetics, national philosophy and spirit.

The primary focus in our work is cultural and charity activities. The key principles of our web resource are:

  • No national limitations of any kind, i.e. the portal is about Ukrainians, rather than for Ukrainians,
  • Informational transparency (we plan to report through the site on the progress of our special projects, charity actions; going forward, we plan to create a Charity Fund and Board of Trustees),
  • Political independence, i.e. the portal does not belong to any political grouping,
  • Private financing of the portal and its projects (use of state or party budget financing is strictly prohibited).

Despite the fact that our portal was launched only on 9 March, 2003, we already have a lot to share with our guests. Along with interesting and original content like:

  • Regularly refreshed Shevchenko-related newsline,
  • Artistic heritage of Taras Shevchenko (poetry, prose, paintings),
  • Information about Kobzar himself (biography, hidden facts from his life) and well-known Shevchenko researchers,
  • Information on museums, monuments, historical locations and other places of tribute, including virtual (sites about Taras Shevchenko),
the portal opens to the public a series of culturological projects:
  • "Search for Taras Shevchenko Library" - traces of which were lost over hundred years ago,
  • "Junior Shevchenko prize" - will be awarded to three winners of a contest for best story about Taras Shevchenko among senior high-school and junior college students at the end of 2003,
  • "Quote of the week" - an effort to display a link between Shevchenko and contemporary world as well as increasing relevance of his works,
  • "Photo of the day" - and a contest for best photo dedicated to the portal,
  • "Travel to Kobzar" - a continuously expanding collection of photosessions to help our guests to virtually walk around Shevchenko places and feel their special atmosphere,
  • "Charity" - (under development), where we plan to talk in detail about benefactors of the new independent Ukraine.

Currently, only Ukrainian version of our portal is in the working stage. English version of the portal is in the phase of the active accumulation of materials. We will be delighted to have you as our subscribers and regular visitors to our portal. Our future development depends largely on your involvement and advice.

We offer you partnership programs to share the original content, participation in special projects and/or preparation of new joint projects.

We hope you find our portal interesting. Please write to us at or Kiev - 68, p/o 114, 02068 Ukraine.

By exploring Shevchenko, we collectively learn about Ukraine and the world at large.

Portal administration.

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